ADR 1.3 Schulungen für den sicheren Transport gefährlicher Güter

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Ihrem Experten für E-Learning-Kurse im Bereich des Transports gefährlicher Güter gemäß ADR 1.3. Unsere Kurse bieten umfassende Schulungen für Fachleute, die in den Transport und die Handhabung gefährlicher Güter involviert sind. Durch unsere Kurse gewährleisten wir, dass Sie und Ihr Team stets den aktuellen Sicherheitsstandards und gesetzlichen Anforderungen entsprechen.

Wer benötigt diesen Kurs?

Verpacken, versenden, laden, handhaben, transportieren, empfangen oder entladen Sie gefährliche Güter auf der Straße? Die ADR-Basisschulung ist eine gesetzliche Anforderung für alle, die an der Beförderung gefährlicher Güter auf der Straße beteiligt sind. Nicht-fahrendes Personal und Fahrer, die unterhalb der “ADR-Ladegrenzen” arbeiten, müssen mit den allgemeinen Anforderungen der Vorschriften für den Transport gefährlicher Güter vertraut sein. Das Personal muss hinsichtlich der Gefahren und Risiken, die von gefährlichen Gütern ausgehen, auf einem Niveau geschult werden, das dem Risiko einer Verletzung oder Gefährdung, die sich aus einem Vorfall mit solchen Gütern ergeben kann, angemessen ist.


  • Classes – Klassen
  • Dangerous goods – Gefährliche Güter
  • Equipment on board and general security – Ausrüstung an Bord und allgemeine Sicherheit
  • Exemptions – Ausnahmen
  • Packaging, marking and labelling – Verpackung, Kennzeichnung und Etikettierung
  • Responsibility – Verantwortung
  • Transport documents – Transportdokumente
  • Vehicle marking and labelling – Fahrzeugkennzeichnung und -etikettierung

Frequently asked questions

ADR Awareness training (as defined in ADR Section 1.3) is a legal requirement for all non-driving staff (and drivers below the “ADR Load Limits”) who have any involvement in allowing Dangerous Goods to be transported by road.

This course is for staff at all levels, director, manager, packer, production director, personnel manager, delivery driver, laboratory technician, supervisor, and warehouse staff. In fact anyone who in any way is involved with dangerous goods.

All staff (other than those in scope of ADR) who’s duties concern the carriage of Dangerous Goods whether directly or indirectly by Road, Sea, Rail or Air are required to receive training appropriate to their responsibilities.

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No, not for tank drivers. 

The course is for limited quantities only

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the most recent regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials by sea, as per the guidelines outlined in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandate both initial and recurrent training every three years for individuals engaged in the transportation of hazardous materials by vessel.

1. Preparing hazardous materials for shipment via vessel
2. Classifying, packaging, marking, labeling, and placarding hazardous materials
3. Adhering to specific requirements for flammable substances
4. Identifying marine pollutants
5. Preparing necessary transport documents
6. Ensuring compliance with IMDG recordkeeping obligations
7. Adapting to the latest amendments in the IMDG Code that may impact your shipments of hazardous materials.


Individuals engaged in the offering or transportation of hazardous materials are mandated to undergo training. This includes employees who:

1. Load, unload, or handle hazardous materials.
2. Work in Shipping & Receiving.
3. Open packages containing potentially hazardous materials.
4. Participate in the transportation of hazardous materials.
5. Hold responsibility for the safety or security of hazardous materials.


Many employees, spanning various industries, may be unaware of the necessity for DOT general awareness hazmat certification, particularly if they are not directly responsible for the hazmat transportation process. If your role involves hazmat management in any capacity – whether storing materials, marking or labeling materials for shipment, loading or unloading materials, transporting materials, or opening materials – this fundamental training is essential. The course is also a requirement for individuals involved in the creation and repair of hazardous waste shipping containers.


To meet compliance with DOT hazmat transportation regulations, anyone involved in any stage of hazmat transportation, whether by air, ground, rail, or sea, must complete DOT hazmat general awareness training. This course addresses the initial of the three required areas of training, with the other two being function-specific training and safety and security training.

All roles involving the packing, labeling, marking, loading or unloading, transporting, or opening of hazardous materials necessitate DOT hazmat general awareness certification. Participants completing EDUWHERE’s course gain a solid foundation for working with hazmat, acquiring comprehensive knowledge of hazardous materials and the regulations governing their storage, management, and transportation.


If hazardous materials are part of your department’s incoming or outgoing activities, general awareness training is crucial for anyone involved in these processes. EDUWHERE’s course assists in identifying hazardous materials, understanding associated security protocols, familiarizing oneself with various hazard classes and packing groups, and more.

Upon completion of the hazmat general awareness course, participants receive a certificate, score sheet, and wallet card. However, it’s important to note that according to 49 CFR 172.704(d) of the Hazardous Materials Regulations, certification is not complete until additional worksite-specific training, as required by the employer, is undertaken. Employers should maintain detailed records of training activities for formal certification issuance.


The DOT’s Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) mandate DOT hazmat general awareness training for any employee involved in the shipping of hazardous materials at any stage. This encompasses professionals across industries where hazmat is packaged, marked, labeled, transported, or loaded/unloaded, as well as those creating or repairing hazardous material containers.

Due to the intricate nature of hazardous waste management involving various materials and procedures, general awareness hazmat training proves valuable. It provides an introduction to the extensive array of materials and underscores the level of care required in managing and regulating such materials.

While this training is foundational for all employees engaged in hazmat transportation, it does not offer exhaustive instruction on individual substances or procedures. It forms a critical component of hazmat information, and a complete hazmat education necessitates additional coursework by the individual.

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